Humidification & Humidifiers in Electronics & PCB Manufacturing

Humidification & Humidifiers in Electronics & PCB ManufacturingHumidification is required in the production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) to eliminate the build-up of static. Uncontrolled static electrical discharge can damage PCBs rendering them useless. This damage is only detected at the end of the production line and if left unchecked can significantly lower production yields.

The flow soldering machines used in the production of PCBs produce a lot of heat. As the air heats in the manufacturing area it becomes drier and is therefore more prone to static electrification.

By maintaining a humidity of around 55% relative humidity (%rH) 3%rH, this electrical charge is dissipated eliminating the risk of accidental discharge on to the PCBs.

Cold water humidifiers such as the JetSpray and the HumEvap MC3 can provide up to 12C adiabatic cooling as well as maintain humidity levels. This can assist in acheiving an ideal manufacturing temperature of 20C and reduce the demand on cooling equipment and chiller running costs.

Humidifiers can add moisture to air handling units feeding air to the process environment or for facilities without central air conditioning plant, humidifiers can add moisture directly to the atmosphere.

As this type of precision manufacturing requires a clean environment without dust, spray humidifiers should be supplied with pure reverse osmosis water. The PureFlo RO water filter is an ideal system to produce RO water for this type of application. With high efficiency, low energy membranes (98.5% rejection) up to 500 l/hr of RO water may be supplied and with an integrated pressure vessel no additional tanks or pumps are required.

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